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The Power of Love Leadership

Maximising Results Using the Power of Love

With thanks to Niche Magazine (@magazineniche) as this article was originally published within their magazine in November 2015


For many of us it comes as no surprise that happy employees create a strong workforce, which means satisfied customers resulting in enhanced profits. However, not all business leaders know exactly what they need to do to maximise the potential of their teams in practice.


The Guardian’s Happiness at Work Survey, ‘The Guardian 500,’ found that only 27% of people felt high levels of happiness at work and only 43% were proud to be a part of their organisation.


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Executive and Leadership Coach, Sarah Higgins says: “Worldwide research shows that relatively fewer employees consistently love what they do or who will always go the extra mile for their organisation. It’s that difference that can make all the difference to your organisation’s sustained success.”


“If you are leading more effectively, it’s more likely that the people in your team are going to love what they do and maximise their productivity; it’s untapped potential.”


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Sarah has developed a new model of executive, team and organisational coaching to help organisations increase employee engagement, productivity and motivation at work. She has been using it with her individual executive coaching clients for the past four years and now wants to work with teams and organisations as a way of working to enhance their culture and business performance. Since Sarah has used it with some of her most successful clients and not just pulled it from a scientific or academic theory, she has years of evidence that it really works.


“The Power of Love Leadership is a way of working, that can be used in Executive Coaching, Teams or Organisations, to get more effective results by understanding how your behaviours are based upon love or fear.”


“Fear is necessary for us to survive, but we tend to use it more than is needed. It shows itself in our day to day behaviours e.g. procrastination, not speaking up, staying within our comfort zone, blaming others or ineffectively managing performance issues in our team.”


“For progressive businesses, they now recognise that Leadership is about relationships, connections and the trust that you have with people. It’s not just the ‘what’ you do in your job; it’s also about ‘how’ you care about what you do and the people who are working for you.


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Sarah has also created the Power of Love Leadership (POLL) Programme which is an open leadership development programme providing 5 months of embedded and practical learning about how to take your leadership from good to great. The POLL Programme combines learning leadership best practice with peers and working one to one with Sarah to receive her specialist personal impact coaching.


Head of Leadership Consulting at Harvey Nash, Samantha Johnson, says: I am grateful for Sarah’s candour and constructive challenge and her ability to help me determine my priorities and create order amongst the chaos.

“Her Power of Love Leadership model has been most useful. It has helped me to take control of my decisions and approach difficult situations with confidence and clarity.”


Sarah’s Power of Love Leadership Programme helps leaders to clarify and build on their strengths, development areas, motivational drivers and levels of emotional intelligence. Sarah then helps teams to understand their emotions and how these affect their leadership behaviours; they then learn strategies that will gain even better results.


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Scientific studies have found that being more positive as a leader and using emotional intelligence that comes from ‘a place of love’ and has a more positive effect on our health and the emotions of people around us.


The Power of Love Leadership methods enable an understanding of the behaviours we’re using and the results we’re getting. We get to see whether the behaviours we’re using come from love or fear and provides strategies for how we can change our behaviours so that we act more productively, from a place of e.g. humility, gratitude and love. This results in businesses getting better results because their leaders develop more creativity, effective decisions, resilience, emotional intelligence and trusting, honest relationships.


“We always have a choice in the way that we behave. Taking responsibility for things that happen to us as opposed to positioning blame can lead to more positive actions and behaviours. We influence everything that happens to us in some way or another, even when we do things unintentionally” Sarah explains.


“You can’t control other people but you can control how you react and the way that you see things. When you put circumstances in a different context your thoughts can change, which affects your feelings and ultimately your behaviour changes, meaning that the situation can turn out completely differently.”


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Sarah invites you to attend her open programme: Maximise Results with the Power of Love Leadership. It is a 5 month programme and has a number of elements including:


  • Increased self-awareness using 4 x world class Hogan Assessments
  • 3 x 2 hour Executive 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Sarah
  • A personalised understanding of how to use the 7 Power of Love Leadership strategies and gain better results
  • 2 day and a 1 day best practice leadership workshop

Places are limited as Sarah is working with a small group of leaders. It starts in February 2016 and workshops will be held at Rothley Court Hotel, Leicestershire.




Please contact Sarah for further information on 0774 8657715 or email or visit her website at


 “The Power of Love Leadership helps businesses get better results as their leaders develop creativity, effective decision making, resilience, emotional intelligence and trusting, honest relationships.”