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  • “What I like about Sarah’s coaching is that she commits to you. I know that she is actively listening and has my best interests in mind. She truly cares about my success and continuously goes above and beyond to ensure that I see noticeable change in my behaviour and subsequent impact in my organisation.


    Her utter dedication to support my development is most admirable – she both motivates and inspires me. I am grateful for her candour and constructive challenge and her ability to help me determine my priorities and create order amongst the chaos. Her Power of Love Leadership model has been most useful, as it has helped me to take control of my decisions and approach difficult situations with confidence and clarity.


    Sarah’s coaching has been an invaluable and transforming experience. Her perceptiveness and insight led to a great amount of personal learning in terms of understanding myself and how to actively make changes in a sustainable manner. Her in-depth knowledge of her field has led to marked changes in my professional brand, contributing to the advancement of my career.”

    Samantha Johnson, Head of Leadership Consulting
    Leadership Consulting, Executive Search, Harvey Nash Plc
  • “The work with Sarah has been life changing. We now have a senior strategic team which is working much more effectively and it is critical to the future of our business. The work with Sarah has brought focus and alignment to the way our key strategic leaders work individually and with each other and the payback is astronomic.” Chief Executive – Financial Services

    Chief Executive
    Financial Services
  • “I went through a very successful coaching programme with Sarah over several months in 2014. Sarah is a highly experienced and insightful coach and mentor. Combining careful listening with acute prompting Sarah elicited much worthwhile self-analysis and reassessment of goals, strategies and management style. Her collaborative manner developed trust quickly.


    Sarah was very effective in guiding me to see strengths and weaknesses objectively and find quite varied keys to unlock better performance and working approaches for myself  and my team. She was also a mine of resources, short exercises, practical tips and thought-provoking articles/texts that helped achieve results, and got me to do things differently with a high performing team and resolve team niggles. Would thoroughly recommend her.”

    Managing Director and Associate General Counsel
    Global Investment Bank
  • I took part in 1 to 1, executive coaching sessions with Sarah over a large portion of last year.  Her personal style and insights were invaluable in allowing me to further develop various elements of my leadership.  With Sarah’s help and counsel, I was able to tangibly progress on the ideas and opportunities captured in my Executive Development programme.  I would highly recommend Sarah onwards for help in any type of Leadership development, 1 to 1 coaching, or strategy development.

    Senior Vice President
    International Bank, Financial Services
  • Having known Sarah for a number of years and recognising and valuing her tremendous skill-sets, I felt completely safe in asking her to offer discreet coaching to members of my prospective MBO team.


    The team members had different personal issues which prevented them from being as effective as they might otherwise be in the situation with which they were presented. It was vitally important to me that they be gently coached into recognising their shortcomings and then into remedying them on their own as their own idea.
    Sarah took them through the process with great skill and care. Failure to have done so would, in my view, have resulted in the team members feeling criticised and undervalued. The exercise was a great success. I plan to roll this process out to other key individuals in our business with Sarah’s help as we move forward.

    Tony Durant
    Managing Director, Berkeley Burke & Co Ltd
  • Sarah is an outstanding Executive Coach who instinctively knows how to get you to perform to your best. Tenacious in the most unassuming way, working with Sarah means that 100% achievement of your goals is the only outcome possible!

    Gillian Rosen
    Head of HR, H&T Pawnbrokers
  • Sarah has worked with us with great success in a number of areas and has brought to us HR skills and experience that we couldn’t have possibly have had in house. She has mentored very senior members of the management helping them to develop their skills, manage stress and better define their career aspirations.


    Sarah has also  assisted us in interviewing for senior appointments helping us to ensure that we were clear on the type of individual that we needed to appoint and that the chosen candidate fulfilled those needs, including assisting with psychometric  assessment.


    Last but by no means least Sarah led a team development exercise involving the whole senior management team that has transformed the openness of communications and vastly improved one to one relationships between some members of the team. I would whole heartedly recommend talking to Sarah to see how she might help to improve the performance of a management team or assist with the development of key individuals within a team.

    Chris White
    Chief Executive Officer, Hinckley and Rugby Building Society
  • I have worked with Sarah as a corporate business coach since the end of 2012 and have found her extremely helpful and insightful. She has been a valued resource assisting with development, goal setting and is a great sounding board to bounce ideas and thoughts from. I would highly recommend her to anyone as I have found our sessions very worthwhile.

    Richard Hodson
    Head of Technology, The Oval Group
  • Sarah is very impressive at what she does. We have used her as a coach to a number of our key individuals for a few months now and she shows great insight in understanding people’s issues and in helping them to achieve better results. She is also one of the friendliest and most supportive people I have come across in a long time.

    Andrew Payton
    Finance Director, Hinckley and Rugby Building Society
  • Sarah is a talented coach. She has great insight and is able to get to the nub of the issue very quickly in a very supportive and non-threatening way without seeming to direct the conversation at all! A rare skill. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

    Helen Davis
    Group Development Director, Jelf Group plc
  • Sarah provided excellent coaching to myself and colleagues as senior directors of a financial services business. She was very professional and easy to work with

    David Santaney
    Director, Berkeley Burke (Financial Services)
  • I have known Sarah for approximately 10 years, I have provided Sarah with staff at the Oval Group and also worked with Sarah personally and recommended Sarah as a Corporate Coach to my clients. Sarah has the ability to work at all levels and influence people to understand and reach their business goals. She quite simply just gets it and is one of the most balanced and consistent business people I know.

    Eileen Richards
    Director, Clear Recruitment Ltd
  • Sarah delivered a session to the Qdos professional HR consultancy team. Sarah delivered a thought provoking and powerful session which is still being discussed throughout the office today. The principals that Sarah left us with are being applied to our long and short term objectives and both as team and individually we will continue to work with Sarah. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah’s services and am confident that she will add value to you personally and your organisation.

    Toni Robinson
    HR Consultancy Development and Delivery Manager, Qdos Consulting
  • Sarah is without doubt, an excellent coach. One hour with Sarah and I had the light bulb moment and what a difference it has made to me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Sarah to you.

    Sarah Pinner
    Head of Learning & Development, Leicestershire Constabulary
  • Sarah is a knowledgeable and incisive coach. She is able to both challenge and support to enable change through clarity of objectives, insight into challenges and identification of personal resources. I find that an hour with Sarah delivers many further hours of insight as the reflection that she instigates continues. A highly capable coach who in my experience makes a real difference.

    Mike Rawlins
    Business Coach & Utilities Asset Management Advisor
  • Sarah was invited to speak to a number of our managers on our leadership development programme. Sarah provided high level solutions and approaches to dealing with the challenges our managers were facing. All our managers reported coming away from the session with a fresh perspective and felt an obvious benefit at having the opportunity to discuss their issues and approach with Sarah. I would be very happy to recommend Sarah’s services without reservation.

    James Cullup
    HR Business Partner, Department of Work and Pensions
  • HR advice was very professional and proved to be successful. I would be happy to work with Sarah again if the need arises.

    Simon Boardman-Weston
    Chairman, BRI Asset Management
  • I was lucky enough to be in attendance at a networking event where Sarah presented. I found her to be engaging through including her audience and ensuring they were thinking about themselves. I could see how she could make an impact on individuals and businesses to improve their methods.

    Laura Grant
    Business Engagement Executive, Leics and Rutland Community Foundation
  • Sarah has provided me with focused, practical advice with excellent outcomes all delivered in a personable and approachable manner. I’ve also found her to be highly trustworthy and reliable in her work.

    Mike Cummins
    Director – Cummins Solicitors
  • Sarah presented her services live for our Networking Group, in which we all participated and were involved. She is professional, knowledgeable and very experienced in her expertise. We all enjoyed this networking event as we all brought something to it & took something away thanks to Sarah.

    Kit Rakkar
    Director of Sales and Marketing, City Viewing
  • I have only known Sarah Higgins a short while but she has already had a profound effect on my life and business. She is a highly skilled and insightful coach. I have been impressed by her ability to get to heart of problems quickly, her in depth knowledge and guidance; and, overwhelmed by her kindness. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to you.

    Julia Herdman
    Director, Logiktree Associates
  • Sarah has provided coaching sessions and has demonstrated that she fully understands business issues and is able to discuss and explore suggestions for achievement of goals. Through effective questioning and guidance she provides insight to personal strengths in a down to earth manner and has a pragmatic approach. I recommend her services.

    Jo Morrish
    HR and Training Manager, Pick Everard
  • Sarah is a brilliant Corporate and Executive Coach. In the very short time we worked together Sarah helped me identify and overcome my biggest challenges, while guiding me to excel in my career and turnaround my business. I found Sarah very personable, helpful and understanding so I highly recommend her. If you need any coaching, whether it is on a Business, Executive or Personal basis, then Sarah is your person.

    Mohammed Walji
    Finance Manager
  • I had a meeting with Sarah last Thursday and I found her service extremely useful, I was able to discuss various aspects of my business with her and things I need to do to improve on. I had a very good meeting with a client after meeting her and learned that I have more influence on the outcome of things than I realised.

    James Slowey
    Financial Planning Consultant, Gransha Financial Services Ltd
  • Sarah is a shrewd and perceptive member of the Clockwise Board. She has a breadth of experience in a range of industries and her professional HR expertise is of great value to the Board. She is a constructive and positive contributor to the strategic decision-making process.

    John Wood
    Chairman, Clockwise Board
  • I worked with Sarah for 4 years and throughout that time found her thoroughly professional, enthusiastic and dedicated. The business grew substantially through acquisition during that period. Sarah and her team had an important role in the practical and cultural integration that followed each acquisition, making a valuable contribution to the success of the business over a sustained period.

    Simon Shaw
    Chief Financial Officer at UKWM
  • Sarah is a true professional. We worked together for more than 7 years. She helped in the creation of a top level HR structure within the Group and was highly rated by her colleagues. Sarah would be successful in any good company either as a HR Director or in a Project / Coaching Role.

    Stefan Benev
    Company Secretary, The Oval Group
  • During the 3 years I worked with Sarah she consistently delivered work of the highest quality and displayed a clear vision of where the area of the business she was responsible for was heading. This was combined with a genuine enthusiasm for both her subject and her colleagues. A genuine pleasure to work with.

    Steven Mitchell
    Executive Director - Financial Services, The Oval Group
  • Sarah is someone special who always sorts out the issues and answers them with a common sense approach that benefits everyone. She will never let anyone down. She  will always work to a tight schedule with total accuracy and the smallest detail and just gets it right time after time. Great to work with her, even better to chat to, someone who you can rely on 100%. Great to work with.

    Chris Serle
    Regional Director, The Oval Group
  • I worked with and for Sarah for nearly three years and I am extremely proud to have done so. Sarah inspires, develops, engages and has tirelessly supported me through constant and consistent communication. She always made time for me and provided expert advice and guidance.

    Phil Willcox
    Coach - Facilitator - Consultant, 3e Consultancy
  • The instant I met Sarah she had a big smile which stayed with her for our whole session. I felt completely at ease and comfortable talking to Sarah. I feel that Sarah understood and got to the heart of my personal issues and was able to help me find a way to deal with these issues. I had a real positive experience in our session and would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to you.

    Legal Secretary, City Law Firm